Eat to Live
(don't live to eat)

Family and friends now that I follow a very low-carb diet. A low-carb diet is low in carbohydrates, primarily found in sugary foods, pasta and bread. Instead, you eat whole foods including natural proteins, fats and vegetables.

By following this diet I was able to lose a lot of weight and it off. I prefer to call it a "lifestyle". :) 

3 i uka

Website of the Norwegian Council for Seafood
This site has lots of helpful information about seafood in addition to recipes. We all know we should eat more fish and seafood. :)

Almond and carmel confection

Recipe by Funksjonell Mat
Small confections with the taste av almonds and carmel. Note: This recipe takes a little time.

Baked Chicken With Creamy Bacon and Bell Pepper Sauce

Norwegian recipe based on recipe found on Silje Bjørnstad´s Blog

Link to orginal recipe

This is a simple, quick and tasty dish.

Baked Cod with Cured Ham

Norwegian recipe at 3 i uka (Bakt torsk med spekeskinke)
"3 i uka" (English: 3 in a week) is the website of the Norwegian council for seafood. This is an untraditional (for Norwegians) way to prepare cod, but I plan on trying it out very soon (and I will add nutrional values when I do).

Best and Worst Low Carb Sweeteners

Article at
This article is very informative and easy to understand. A few of the products mentioned are not sold in Norway but can be bought online.

Cake with Carmel and chocolate top

From "Kakefest -Uten sukker og mel" by Sofie Hexeberg
Norwegian: Konfektkake med karamell og sjokoladetopp
A cake for those who love chocolate and carmel. :)

Carbo-guide (Fedon)

Written by journalist Tone Solberg for the magazine Tara
Based on interview and factual information given by Fedon Lindberg. Includes information about GI (glycemic index) and GL (glycemic load).


Low-carb counter & keto diet tracker
In the free version you can only log your food/exercise. The premium membership costs $3.34/month for premium membership, which includes access to a very large database of foods. You can can add you own foods, which is a must for us Norwegian users. Primary focus is low carb high fat diet (LCHF)/Keto diet, but it can also be used if you have chosen moderate low-carbo lifestyle. I am very pleased with my premium membership for CarbManager, both on my mac and android mobile phone.

Chicken filet w/ mozzarella cheese, cured ham and pesto

P4 radio breakfast with Christer Berens (26.04.13)
Byline for the radio program: Christer Berens makes food that takes us 20 years back in time!

Conversion tables

Useful for converting American recipes
From cup to grams, tablespoon to grams and much more.

Convert inches to cm

For use when informing American family/friends
This is a simple but useful generator for converting inches to cm (and cm to inches).

Convert Fahrenheit to Celsius

Useful for converting American recipes
This is a simple but useful generator for converting fahrenheit to celsius (also celsius to farenheit).

Convert ounces to grams

Useful for converting American recipes
This is a simple but useful generator for converting ounces to grams (and grams to ounces).

Convert pounds to grams

Useful for converting American recipes
This is a simple but useful generator for converting pounds to ounces (and ounces to pounds).


Fedon Lindberg´s website
"Smart-carbo", Mediterranean diet. Blog, articles, recipes and webshop.

Fett og Forstand

Norwegian blog with lots of recipes
Motto for the blog: Make Keto Great Again.
Recipes for those following a "ketogen diet" (very low-carb and high fat).

Fluffy American Pancakes

Recipe by Elisabeth Holm
There are several pancake recipes at, Elisabeth Holm´s blog. Sparkling water is used to make the pancakes fluffier.

Foccacia Bread

Recipe by Marianne de Bourg at Funksjonell Mat (with calorie and carb count)

Food List and Tips for Beginners

Norwegian article at Fett og Forstand
A helpful list of foods that you should have on hand - "must haves". Also a few general but useful tips.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answered by Fedon Lindberg
Answers are based on Lindberg´s philosophy "Kost i balanse" (english: diet in balance), which focuses on diet of low/reduced carbos with moderate amounts of healthy fat (in contrast to LCHF, low-carbs and high fat).

Frøken Holm

Online shop
Low-carb cakes, candies, bread mixes and more. Elisabeth also has a blog where she generously share a lot of her recipes.

Funksjonell Mat

Producer of sugar and flour substitutes
A small company in Norway that started with producing with sugar subsitute Sukrin (based on sugar alcohol erythritol) and now have flour subsitutes (almond flour, coconut flour) and other low-carbo products. They have their own online shop, but have a number of distributers of their products, including Life and Sunkost. You will also find recipes on the this site.

Gluten-free Cinnamon bunn

Recipe from
Published at Funksjonell Mat (Norwegian translation)

Guide to a healthy low-carbo diet

Article at Slank og blid (written in Norwegian)
Includes information about what low-carbo is, which foods you can eat, different low-carbo diets/philosophies and how a low-carb diet affect your body. forum

Website - filled with info and tips
The site states that it is for those curious about a diet with few karbohydrates. If you search on the Internet for "lavkarbo" you will find a lot of links to posts from the forum at I used this site a lot when I was first trying to learn more about low-carb diets.


Health food store
Low-carbo food, vitamins and supplements among other items.

Low-carb diet everyone can follow

Norwegian article by Ann Britt Hangeraas and Mari Parelius Wammer
Based on interview with nutritionist Inge Lindseth. Lots of links to other articles/info. Includes a 7-day moderate low-carb diet plan with nutrition values for each day.

Luxurious salmon and crawfish stew

Norwegian recipe at
A great combination with salmon and crawfish. The nice yellow color comes from saffron.

Marianne de Bourg

Articles and recipes related to low-carbo. Also other topics. Link provided is for articles/recipes pertaining to low-carbo diet.


Norwegian nutrition table
Calorie and nutrition values for the most common foods eaten in Norway.


Calorie and exercise tracker
Track calories, breakdown ingredients, and log activities with the free version. The premium version ($11/month ) is ad-free and has advanced tool and better analysis. I have only tried the free version. Seems to be very similar to CarbManger, but is more expensive.

Link (use link because the site can´t be opened in iframe)

Naan Bread

Recipe at Diet Doctor
Diet Doctor has a lot of recipes. I found a similar recipe at Keto Connect, which has lots of recipes og cool videos, but I decided to use the recipe at Diet Doctor because you could choose metric weights and change the number of servings.

Naan Bread with Coconut & Almond Flour and Yoghurt

Norwegian recipe at Damer for faren
Unusual name for a blog, but the recipe looks interesting. It´s the only naan bread recipe that I have found using yoghurt.

Naanbread without Coconut Oil

Recipe at Queen Keto
Has metric weights and you can choose the number of servings.

Naan/Soup Bread

Norwegian recipe at Tingelings Lavkarboside
This recipe is different from the other naan bread recipes I have found on the Internet as it uses cottages cheese instead of coconut flour. It looks to be more like a bread/roll recipe, but I plan on trying it out.

Nutrition Information for Game

Norwegian article: "Viltkjøtt og Ernæring"
Published at LHL, Landsforeningen for hjerte- og lungesyke (Organization for Heart and Lung Disease).

One Bread Mix - 10 variations

10 recipes using "Bakemix" from Funksjonell Mat
Calories and macros for the recipes are unfortunately not included. I will add this information for the variations if and when I try out the recipe. I want to try these:
  • Muffins with sundried tomatoes and feta cheese
  • Cheese- and nutbread
  • Garlic baguette
  • Focaccia
  • Soft tortilla

Pizza Crust

Recipe from the book "Frisk med lavkarbo - frokost og lunsj"
Book is written by Sofie Hexeberg og Birthe Storaker. Recipe makes four small (individual) crusts. Special ingredients: johannesbrødkjernemel (locust bean gum, thickening agent), pofiber.


A page with links to some interesting podcasts.

Protein pancakes

Recipe by Elisabeth Holm
There are several pancake recipes at, Elisabeth Holm´ blog. In this recipe, cinnamon and cardamom are used and she suggests to layer the pancakes and add coconut creme between each layer.

Salted Almond and Sesame Crackers (mandelkjeks)

Recipe from the blogg Sprudlende Sunn
Makes 12 - 22 crackers. Can subsitute 2-1/2 dl almond flour 2 dl almonds but should add 1T oil.

Sesame Crisp Bread

Norwegian: knekkebrød
Great for breakfast, lunch or evening snack.


Recipe from the book "Kakefest".
Article at with interview of Dr. Sofie Hexeberg about low-carbo diet and the book "Kakefest" (English: Cake Party), which she co-authored with Kristin Kjellmo Vorkimm and Birthe Storake. Sugar and flour substitutes used in the recipe.


Health food store (online shop)
Dietary supplements, super foods and organic foods, and natural body care products. Also have recipes, as well as guides and articles.

Sugars and low-carb sugar substitutes

Norwegian article at
This is a subject where you will find a lot of different inforation. It can often be confusing. This article attempts to inform the reader about sugar subsitutes in as simple a manner as possible.

Sugar and sugar substitutes

A good guide by Marianne de Bourg
Norwegian article. Includes information about and suggested used for the following types of sugar/sugar substitutes (including GI table): ERYTHRITOL, IMO, STEVIA, TAGATOSE, XYLITOL, STEVIOSA, SUKRIN GOLD, SUKRIN+.

Sugarfree Crispo with only 2 ingredients

Recipe by Elisabeth Holm
Elisabeth suggests making sugarfree crispos when you have leftover melted chocolate from another cooking project.


Health food store
Low-carbo food, vitamins and supplements among other items. The site also has a lot of recipes (many of them are not low-carb; see link in the top menu) based, of course, on products they sell. You can not search for specific topics, for example, "low-carb"/"lavkarbo".

Sweet Almond Sticks

Norwegian recipe at Funksjonell Mat
Sugarfree almond sticks with a soft consistency and great nutritional content.

Sweet Chili Marmalade

Recipe at Fett og Forstand
If you like spicy food this should be a good alernative to store-bought chili sauces/marmalades that almost always have a lot of added sugar.

Thai stew with coconut milk (Norwegian recipe)

Based on Grete Roede recipe
I made a few changes to a recipe I found at

Vanilla Fudge (myke karameller)

Recipe by Elisabeth Groth at
These look delicious. Will be amazing if they taste as good as they look!