September 2018 Update

24 September 2018

"Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting, and autumn a mosaic of them all." - Stanley Horowitz

I agree totally with the quote above. Autumn colors are amazing and mesmerizing. I was so inspired by all the colors of autumn, that I changed the color scheme of my webisite. I will also be adding a new blog post very soon with a gallery of selected "free" photos with autumn themes found at (free commerical and non-commerical use with no attibution required).

We had a great summer - warm and relaxing. Bjørn and I took trip to Søvik to visit his brother, Øystein. We had a great time: a little fishing, a tour of a cruise boat being built at the shipyard Vard Søviknes where Øystein works, a day-trip to the beautiful city of Ålesund and most importantly long and interesting conversations about the past and present.

After some minor health problems in August and September, I am now almost back in good shape. In fact, I have lost 14 kilos/24 pounds since the middle of August. I may post more about this in my blog.

The image above uses the elements from the tutorial "Icons for Autumn", shown HERE in Art Based on Tutorials. It's a collage of what I associate with autumn. I know it's way too busy but I decided I had to add the sun so that there wouldn't be too much focus on rain as there are lots of sunny days in the fall.