March 2018 Update

20 March 2018

When I first started planning my new web design, I knew I wanted to have a style (colors/background images) for the seasons winter, spring-summer and fall. I was late launching the new design so I realized I had to get started on the spring-summer design. So, the last couple of weeks I have spent time working on color schemes and background images for spring. I had done the color scheme a while back but after I finishing the main background image for the front page, I need to make some changes - either to the color scheme or the background image (or both). Hopefully, I will get the new style published in April. Here's a little peek at the spring background.

Otherwise, I have learned a little about making isometric designs in Illustrator. This type of design fits in with my appeal for symmetry. :) You might want to check out Art Based on Tutorials to see the design I made. I plan on learning more about the perspective grid tool in Illustrator. Maybe I will learn enough to make a little village.

Spring landscape made by Diana Roald 03-18