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August 2020 Update

08 August 2020

Times are tough right now for a lot of people. We are all healthy and still have jobs to go to. Others are not so fortunate. Despite this, I sometimes find myself losing hope with all that is happening in the world. I try to remember the words of Desmond Tutu as shown in the image above.

As I uploaded the image above (made in Affinity Designer) I started thinking about the song "Don´t Give Up" by Peter Gabriel. It´s been years since I listened to it so I looked it up on Spotify. Here is a link to my favorite recording on Spotify: Link

So to all my friends and family:

Don't give up and don't lose hope!


As I was perusing the internet for autumn photos, I ran across Pexels.com, a site with loads of nice photos. What´s even better is that all the photos are free, both for commerical and noncommercial use and no attribution is required. I support giving credit to photographers so I have provided the credits that were given for each of these photos. I definitely plan on using Pexels in the future. It was easy to find photos and you can download photos in the dimensions you plan on using.

Credits: Public Domain

Credits: Pixabay

Credits: Skitterphoto

Credits: Pixabay

Credits: Tookapic

Credits: Pixabay

Credits: Inge Wallumrød

Credits: Pixabay

Credits: Johannes Plenio

Credits: Septimiu Lupea

Credits: It´s Me Neosiam

Credits: Vali S

Credits: Scott Webb

Credits: Vali S

Credits: Pixabay